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Agreement of sale/Health Guarantee

Date: _______________                                                                        AKC Registration number_________________


This ___________________________________________born on ____/____/____ is sold in condition

                                                                                                                                            Color                    M/F                    (animal breed



     Congratulations on the purchase of your new puppy from Little Mountain Puppies. We have made every effort to provide you with a healthy and happy puppy. Your puppy has been vaccinated and dewormed. The said animal is free from disease and physical defects as appears to the eye unless otherwise stated below.



     “Little Mountain Puppies” will guarantee the said animal against life threatening congenital or hereditary defects (i.e. heart murmur over point 3, liver shunt, and crippling hip dysplasia) for up to 1 year from date of birth.


     The purchaser agrees to have the dog examined by a veterinarian as soon after purchase as feasible. If the animal is not seen by a licensed veterinarian within 5 days from date of purchase and a copy of the veterinarian certificate be emailed to us, all guarantees are voided, and said animal is not seller’s responsibility, and no monies shall be refunded.



     If within the said time period upon examination, a licensed veterinarian finds the animal to have a serious defect, then the purchaser must contact Little Mountain Puppies within 24 business hours and produce the animal to the seller’s designated veterinarian within 4 business days of the vet visit. Purchaser’s failure to produce the animal within 4 business days for examination will nullify seller’s obligation to replace, refund, or reimburse, except otherwise provided by law. If, in the unlikely event the puppy dies within this 1 Year time period. Buyer must provide veterinarian’s certification to the seller within 5 days of receiving it. If the cause is not known an autopsy will be required.


     If said animal would be found to have any parasites or anything not live threatening (example: fleas, worms, skin irritation, kennel cough, coccidian, giardia, or ear mites, etc.) it is the buyers responsibility to treat these or any similar at buyer’s expense. Seller will NOT be responsible for factors beyond their control, including, but not limited to:  negligence, cruelty, accidental injury, exposure to disease carrying animals, stress resulting from change in diet or environment, hypoglycemia, kennel cough, retained baby teeth, off bites, umbilical hernia, undescended testicles, inguinal hernia, or any other expense except as otherwise provide by law.


     Breeder will not be responsible for Parvo, Distemper or Corona Virus after 48 hours of the sale; these diseases are highly contagious and can be contacted immediately after leaving the breeder. We will not be responsible for any illnesses that are diagnosed after this time period. Veterinarian checkups and vaccinations must be kept current for any warranties or guarantees to be valid. This contract is for the original buyer that purchased a dog from Little Mountain Puppies. If terms and conditions are not fulfilled, then this contract is null and void. Buyer agrees to ensure your puppy's health by providing good food, housing and good medical care to keep health guarantee in effect. Responsible owner/buyers will provide puppy with routine preventive care and all immunizations and exams by licensed veterinarian. By signing below buyer acknowledges receipt of a copy of this agreement. Seller will not be responsible for any veterinary expenses, or any other expenses incurred by the buyer. We hope you enjoy the puppy that we have helped you to choose.




     We always enjoy any updates and pictures you care to share with us. We would love to have pictures of the puppies as they grow! Please leave us a Review.



Buyer has read and understand agreement of sale.                                                                   Purchaser’s Initial __________



_______________________Special Conditions of Sale______________________________


     All animals are sold strictly as a pet and not guaranteed show quality. All puppies are REGISTERED WITH LIMITED  REGISTRATION unless specified below. Buyer is subject to Pennsylvania 6% sales tax.


Little Mountain Puppies will pay basic registration cost.

Little Mountain Puppies has microchipped your puppy and will pay for enrollment fee

Little Mountain Puppies will provide buyer with a small bag of Diamond puppy food to start your puppy.

Little Mountain Puppies will provide buyer with a puppy handbook and puppy folder with all necessary information

Little Mountain Puppies will include a health certificate from our veterinarian, 



Papers: ______ YES ______ NO.                                                                                 

Limited:______ YES ______ NO    Full Registration ______ YES ______ NO        Purchaser’s Initial __________

PURCHASER: ___________________________________________                      SALES PRICE: _______________

ADDRESS:  _____________________________________________   FULL REGISTRATION: _________________

CITY ________________ STATE ________________ ZIP _________                     OTHER: ____________________

PHONE: ______________________                                                                        SUBTOTAL: _________________

EMAIL: ________________________                                                                PA 6% SALES TAX: ________________

PURCHASERS SIGNATURE: __________________________                                     TOTAL:  ___________________

SELLLER’S REP: ___________________________________                                   DEPOSIT: __________________

Crates are non-returnable.         **All deposits are non-refundable                         BALANCE: _________________                                                            



                                                                                Jason Brubaker Brian Brubaker

                                                                              Brent Brubaker Bradlyn Brubaker